Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Being Mom

Well again I haven't written here in forever. I suppose I'm a rather sucky blogger. :P I decided maybe it was time to update again and maybe I can convince myself to sit down and type more often.

Yes, I've been busy.. in the sense that I've had 4 kids home with nothing to do cause it's too dang hot to go outside! There are days the heat index is over 100 and it's been consistenly in the 90's or higher around here since summer started. Only time we get relief is when it rains. I know.. some of you in hotter locations may be going, "Poor baby," with a little roll of your eyes. However, if you don't have our humidity.. I don't wanna hear it! You think dry heat is no fun? Try having that heat and feeling like it's so stuffy you can't take a breath.

So yeah, none of the kids want to play outside cause it's too dang uncomfortable. Unfortunatly, that means they want me to give them things to do or they want to simply play on machines all day. Boredom and being stir crazy is the norm around here.

To make matters worse, I have 2 kids having different medical problems. :( Allie started complaining that her jaw was hurting her..to the point where eating or even playing her sax was an issue. I took her to the dentist where they told us that she needed to have her wisdom teeth removed. Our dental insurance is pushing hard for a predetermination. So I took her to the oral surgeon so that they could do an counciltation. The good thing is we really, really liked the surgeon and his staff. They were all extremely friendly. The doctor walked into the room and said, "How are you today Allie? I'm J.D." Informal and very comfortable... The bad news is she really does need all 4 removed. Her x-ray clearly showed how none of them have room to come in and the result is the pain as they try to. Now we are waiting for the insurance to give us the go ahead and hopefully that includes sedation.

Jamie however is the one that has me worried. A couple of weeks ago she complained about a headache. Of course, the first day there is no worry. You give the kid a couple Tylenol and tell her to rest... but this headache has continued. I took her into the doctors after about 3 days of consistant complaints from Jamie. From there we went to get her eyes checked and found out that while her eyesight is nearly perfect, she has a small stigmatism which is what is causing her eyes to go blurry. That doc said she shouldn't have to wear her glasses constantly. So, we go home, get her glasses the next day (I was shocked at the fast turn around) and have her start using them as perscribed. IE: watching tv, reading, that sort of thing... but this headache.. doesn't go away still. She is still complaining about the same type of pain. It starts on the left side, including her eye hurting, then as the day goes on it seems to spread. She's dizzy alot too. Tylenol barely has an effect.. Ibuprofen does about the same as the Tylenol.

So... I call the nurse and tell her what the eye doc found, who we went to, and that Jamie is still complaining about the same symptoms. About 2 hours later I get a call back that they want to try a migraine medicine on her and that they have called it in to our local CVS. We are suppose to give it a week or 2 to take effect but if she is still complaining after that... it's MRI time. It's almost been a week.. and she is still complaining. :( I'm not sure what to think about this.

Yeah... being a stay at home mom... anyone that tries to say that being a mom is easy is a fool. I'm a baker, a taxi, a tutor, a nurse, crowd control, a maid, the shoulder to cry on, the co-ordinator, the best friend, teacher, and so many more.

I wouldn't trade it for any job you offered me.

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